Sour Pickles — 3 Comments

  1. By cutting off the blossom end of the cucumber you will have crisp pickles. Cutting the end off does something that stops the pickles from getting soft. I used to get mushy pickles till I started doing this.
    Happy pickling

    • Good advice, Bert. I’ve always done this and never had mushy pickles.
      The science behind it is that the mould that causes the mushiness is found on the rotting blossom, thus cutting a little bit off this end and gently washing the cukes should keep you safe.
      By the way, don’t ever try those pickle crisping powders (aluminum?) – gives the pickles a really weird taste!

  2. Supergod Pickles

    * Large Mason Jar and BPA Free Lid
    * 20 drops Ionic Magnesium Minerals
    * 1/2 tsp concentrated Living Silica
    * 1 Capsule Probiotic Bacteria 16 strain
    * 10 drops of Concentrated Fulvic Acid fortified with Boron/Zinc.
    * 2 tbs of Organic Liquid Aminos
    * 4 ounces of Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
    * 2 tbs of Sole Liquid Salt

    Added with the regular Basic Formula

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