Red Cabbage Kimchi — 9 Comments

  1. I just got my set up for fermentation and look forward to trying this out. I’m new to this and really like what you have done in getting these recipes out in you e-mails to me. keep up the great work and please keep sending those e-mails to me.


  2. This one sounds really good. As I read it, I’m sipping brine from a September 2015 batch that’s just about gone. I don’t recall exactly what’s in it, but it’s not quite like your recipe above. I’m happy to get more interesting recipes in your emails. I gotta try this one!

  3. You say ‘red pepper flakes’ but you call it kimchi cabbage. Are you using regular red pepper flakes or korean red pepper flakes? The quantity makes me think it’s the latter but I do have both. Thanks!

    • I’m using Korean Red Pepper flakes. Judging heat in a recipe is always a little tricky since there can be such a variation in the heat in different peppers. Welcome and good luck!

      • Thanks for the quick reply! I’m making it right now and have another question.
        The ingredients say you’re using 3.5lbs veg. Even trimmed and chopped let’s say 3lbs prepared plus 1.5 Tbsp of salt.
        But the ratio you give in the recipe is 1 tbsp for every 1.5lb of veg (which is what I normally use for sauerkraut). If that were the case then you should be using 2 tbsp not 1.5.
        This might seem pedantic to some but the salt ratio is important and as you point out, this is a different type of kimchi by leaving all the salt in, so I want to get it right.
        Thanks for your help!

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