Ginger Beet Sauerkraut — 6 Comments

  1. Nice ginger and beet combination! In retrospect, it would seem that it needed to ferment longer before putting it in the refrigerator b/c it made me gassy.

  2. Hiii there…this is my first time trying to make red beet sauerkraut… my question is when I checked it a couple of days later there was a ring of brown gunk on top…is this normal…I removed it and wiped it clean…did I do something wrong…thanks…

    • Hi Badeo, It’s hard for me to diagnose without seeing it myself. Fermentations will often end up with a ring of bubbles of sorts around the edges from the gasses released by the bacteria. When I see that in my ferments, I’m quite pleased. Those bubbles, which may come to resemble foam may reflect the contents colorwise. I can’t say, however what it is that you have. Use your best judgment, err on the side of caution.

  3. Made this a few months ago. I tossed in some of the beet greens, as well.

    I was not expecting such a strong flavor. It ended up taking me a few tries, but I finally developed a taste for it. Since this made a lot, I’m just about through with the batch, and typically have it for breakfast along with my eggs and sauteed greens.

    If anyone else thinks this may not taste just right, make it, give a few tries to get used to the strong ginger flavor. I enjoy the tangy taste on my tongue; a great waker-upper in the morning!

  4. Thanks for all your recipes. Just curious at the length of fermentation you’ve suggested. Some studies decreased lactobacillus after 6-7 days… Hence they suggest to ferment it no longer than that. Curious to hear your side…. Thanks!

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