Top Ten Tips for Successful Fermentation — 4 Comments

  1. I just started fermenting and have had good success with 2 batches of Sauerkraut and 1 Kimchi fermented for approx. 1 month. My next batch of Sauerkraut (currently fermenting)I want to ferment for much longer. I have a crock with gutter and have put a little salt in the liquid for the seal, but I’m concerned that long term there is some maintenance on the gutter and liquid that need to be performed to prevent mold or other bacteria intrusion etc. I haven’t found a resource that addresses this issue. Any guidance you can provide would be great, I’m sure others starting out have the same question/concern. Thanks!

    Keith Adams
    Bend, OR

    • I’ve never experienced mold infiltration through the gutter. My experience tells me that you need to occasionally add more water to the gutter as it will tend to evaporate over time with longer fermentations. Glad to hear about your good successes! Let us know how things turn out with your next batch and if you learn anything else new!

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