Making Your Kombucha Fizzy – With Ginger

Making Fizzy Ginger Kombucha-6

If you are anything like me, you much prefer your kombucha to have some carbonation.  I’ve struggled some with that over time but now, after probably 50 gallons of kombucha making experience, including various relatively scientific experiments, I’ve figured out a simple and dependable way to make a nice fizzy kombucha. Firstly, make kombucha which I’ll describe below, but secondly bottle it with some added fresh ginger and let it sit in a secondary fermentaiton for another week.  The result will be a carbonated kombucha treat.  Lactobacillis bacteria live naturally on Ginger as on many other vegetables and roots.  It … … continue

Fermented Japapeno Pepper Sauce

Jalapeno peppers

I love the local summer/fall farmer’s market season as there are so many delicious organic foods to pick up and play with in my fermentation kitchen.  I recently spied a gaggle of beautiful jalapenos and with my father who loves spicy foods coming to visit shortly, I thought it would be fun and prudent to work up a fermented jalapeno pepper sauce and share the recipe here. It came out delicious and was a very active fermentation so it should have good probiotic benefit as well Preparation Time: 5 minutes Fermentation time: 1 – 2 weeks (mine was 9 days) … … continue

Indian Spiced Cauliflower Sauerkraut

Spicy Indian Cauliflower Sauerkraut

Always wanting to try something new in fermentation land, I picked up some lovely organic cauliflower and some napa cabbage to see what might happen.  Since I personally have an association between cauliflower and Indian food (Aloo Gobi yum!), I was inspired to make this with some indian-style spices.  It came out quite delicious.  The cabbage gets the fermentation going in earnest and adds a nice sourness to the flavor  Although I let this one go just 2 weeks, I have a sense that if it fermented longer, it would further tenderize the florets and make it all just a … … continue