Shredded Purple Curtido

Shredded Fermented Purple Curtido-2

Curtido remains one of my favorite ferments.  I love it’s flavor, verstility and ease of preparation. I’m posting this in anticipation of the holidays as the bright color lends itself well to any holiday dinner table.  While I’ve posted a curtido recipe here before, I wanted to share another way of preparing it, more like a slaw, which lends itself … … continue

Kombucha Vinegar Flu Tonic


As winter approaches, it can be helpful to strengthen our immune system and try to get a leg up on colds and flu.  This remedy/booster uses kombcha vinegar as it’s foundation.  Being an avid kombucha maker (I make 2 gallons at a time), I often end up with more than I can drink, so every once in awhile I make … … continue