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  1. Hi! Just wondering… Is it really necessary to leave the weight on after you’ve established that the liquid is completely covering the veggies, or can you just put a towel over it and let ‘er go?

    • Hey Joe. I have two thoughts on this. The first is that the weight also serves the purpose of keeping the veggies from floating to the surface. When they are in contact with the surface, they are more likely to attract and develop mold. The 2nd thought is that perhaps you may be diluting the saltiness of the brine too much if the vegetables are able to remain under the brine without benefit of the displacement and compression provided by the weight. If you want to try without the weight and see what happens, I’d appreciate your writing back here and letting us know what you’ve found out.

      • In response to Joe: If you don’t leave the weight on….some of the veggies will float to the top and spoil your batch. anything floating on the surface will spoil. Once your fermenting process starts, there will be lots of (and constant) gas bubbles forming that carry up any loose bits up to the top of your ferment. Even using plates as weight with food safe bags filled with brine on top to keep everything submerged…..some little bits will escape to the surface. You have to keep a watch on these every few days and scoop any bits out that have floated to the top.

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